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This song is often times the very first time people hear what I can do. It is the first song off my debut record.

This song is a dedication to all the rappers who feel that they are super heroes. With their porcelain jaw exposed for my intellect and skill to smash at my leisure. It is also an introduction and welcome to any listener to my work and growth and their own. Check out the video on youtube @ www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Vg_Ea8nvus


Give a swift thumbs up
when I swing like pair a nunchucks
the aviator is dead now explore
tighter than the grip that you keep around yours
Riot is the language of the unheard
as I waltz in like Irving Berling
better than a kiss from a close friends mother
letter in the fist that was post grin brother
give me a mic check
I'll have more singles than THE ikettes,I guess I'll be around for a while
so smile at the mile high bomber
i engineer suspense with this style I've conjured
as I wear out my welcome
with this mic make sure your wigs screwed on tight
what do recommend to a friend
that introduced you to hip hop but no longer listens?
throwing darts at your broken heart slow

should I cut a rug or cut his face?

Hold me in high regard
let me be your private star
parent paradise WHEN THE QUESTION MARK
TURNs INTO a HEART they'll never tear us apart
thorns in my throne
I pet the lions and spark science from a stone
we are far from pawns
counting all this money with gloves on
truth taste sweet when ya tease the root
I put a ease in you, that you haven't seen since 2
do you see this mess that we're living in ?
I express oblivion to bring you closer to the
brilliant balance of a diligent talent
willie mammoth pledging magnificent malice
who dares to finagle the finale ?
when I want it so badly and I'm so stable/faithful
though I'm a pacifist I'm strapped like fuckin sadomasochist
in a fatal accident
you see me when I flash my shit


from The Aviator is Dead (EP), track released March 12, 2010




Cloudy October Portland

I am a half-american, myth buster, beatmaker-songwriter, rhyme inspector, social magician and b-boy. I make hip-hop that caters to the listeners intellect. It is a form that stresses emphasis in specificity.

It's LL Cool J doing audio commentary of an arm wrestling match between Frederick Kreuger and Edward Scissorhands on BET.

You Can't Spell Rhyme Without Me Folks
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