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My work in Progress. My Frankenstein. My love.


Reach until the speech impedes
I dream american and plants my seed
IF my method of violence IS FLEXING GIANT
it's not molecular science

mother horizon struck
we finished finicky fucks then
I awakened with my eyes
still shut, just to get rush and a million bucks
I'm tying knots like newlyweds I like to destroy things
I paralyze the barely fly who winds up annoying me
I would love to tell you more about this guy you admire
but there's no time FOR introduction 'cause our time is expiring
the departure of the archer and the author is just part of it
this articles a particle Now drop your guard and get retarded
(I) started with a half understanding of the math
addiction addict finding satisfaction when subtracting
smack a evangelist preacher with a speaker that he speaks through
just so I can reach you
I've held blades like johnny depp in pale face
its my fail safe and left me nothing but well paid

Reach and settle in your head
meet the relatives with speech impediment(s) instead
disturbance like turbulent
servants only further my courage for murdering you
Replenish energy we finish finicky simple
faultful awful frigid sentimental pen or pencil
beat breaker create first and sleep late
leak lakes of ventilation to delete fakers

fail proof monolith
calamity for amateurs i'm vanity DUSTED chalk it out i'm dangerous
with fingertips dangling(pn)
shoulder chip hold with a solar golden grip
come spread upon my axis
UM flattery is actual
polar desert doing shit like I know forever,
and she's met my mother
casting shadows on my sun's chest
the closest lung left was lung left (censored act)
nothing but a fun fest from here on out
fiendish feverish need to
grow large and grotesque
with the results being impressive and I wasnt even done dumb def left foot fetish i'll set it when I find out who you really believe in
now thats pressure if I've ever seen him
Yo X keep my levels lenient so that when I lean in
they will realize its more genuine than genius
when I thread the needle people seem stressed i guess that I should lean less
I'm clean pressed with a task and a name
and now that I see the perfect place to aim
"don't blow their brains just"

Reach and settle in your head
meet the relatives with A speech impediment(s) instead
disturbance like turbulence EEEEE
servants only further my encouragements murdering you
Replenish energy we finish finicky simple
thoughtful awful frigid sentimental pen or pencil
beat breaker create first sleep later
leak lakes innovation to defeat fakers LIKE THAT



from The Aviator is Dead (EP), track released March 12, 2010




Cloudy October Portland

I am a half-american, myth buster, beatmaker-songwriter, rhyme inspector, social magician and b-boy. I make hip-hop that caters to the listeners intellect. It is a form that stresses emphasis in specificity.

It's LL Cool J doing audio commentary of an arm wrestling match between Frederick Kreuger and Edward Scissorhands on BET.

You Can't Spell Rhyme Without Me Folks
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